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Panache Lighting provides lighting repair and fabrication services to Berkeley, the San Francisco Bay Area, and northern California.  

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Jana Olson, the owner of Panache Lighting, has many years of experience in the field of antique lighting. She was previously the owner of Omega Lighting Design, in Berkeley, a store specializing in "things to make your old house look old". 

She now sells her restored antique lighting on consignment through Omega Lighting Design, 


About Panache Lighting

LED lighting offers great energy savings, and is becoming more and more popular.  In addition to LED screw-in bulbs which can replace almost any incandescent bulbs, LEDs can be installed in older light fixtures in a permanent way.  These photos show two projects which I have converted older lights to permanent LEDs.

The first light is an antique brass oil lamp from a temple. The client uses it in an entry area, and it had been electrified in a less than satisfactory way.

The second light is an iconic Louis Poulsen 'Oslo' pendant. It was originally wired with four U-shape fluorescent bulbs.

Then, I installed  a second, more powerful LED module to provide the uplight,

and then the arms of the light were attached.

This shows the finished light, now lit with LEDs, for a total of 35 watts, and dimmable.

Here is the light completed and lit.  The driver is located in the ceiling canopy.

I installed LED strips in each arm, supported by a center hub and brass strips.

I wired it with one LED module creating downlight, and a second creating uplight. This photo shows the installation of the LED module which provides the downlight:

My latest  kitchenware chandelier, all LED, old-fashioned but up-to-date!

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